Peter And The Starcatchers


    The beginning of the book takes place on a boat. That boat is named the Never Land. This boat is very old and all of the sailors aboard think it will sink. The captain of this boat is a very crazy man; this man is most of the time drunk. Also the captain yells out random commands, so the ship is controlled not by the captain but by the first mate. The first mates name is Slank. Aboard this ship is a trunk. But not just any trunk in this trunk it contains starstuff. Starstuff is a magical thing that falls from space. The starstuff gives humans magical powers such as being able to fly. If starstuff gets into the wrong hands it may endanger the world. Then the ship gets stuck in a storm and is sunk.

    The setting of the middle and the end of the book is on an island. There are native people on this island, but they aren't people. These human like creatures are called Mollusks. These things are not friendly at all to any vistitors. In fact they throw them into a cage with Mister Grin. Mister Grin is also a native animal to the island, he is a giant crocodile. After the Never Land sinks the trunk washes ashore onto the island. This island is very nice except for the jungle. The jungle is so think that you can barely see two feet in front of you. The Mollusk people are very skilled in the jungle. There is also a very big calm lagoon.