Peter And The Starcatchers
    Five orphans come aboard a ship called the Never Land. Their names are Peter, James, Prentiss, Thomas, and Tubby Ted. Just as the ship is leaving the sailors load a trunk. When they pick up the trunk it ways next to nothing and it makes them feel good. As the orphans are being lead to their cabin the oldest one, Peter sees a girl. When the boys get to their cabin it is tiny. That night when the orphans get their dinner, it is gross. And there was something moving in it. The next night Peter goes out in search of real food. On his way he sees a door guarded by a huge man. Peter's curiosity wins the better of him. Then Peter goes to see what is in that room. He opens the door to find the trunk and a flying rat. Peter than takes of running. The next day he meets the girl from before, her name is Molly, she tells him not to go into that room again. Peter goes in again with a sailor named Alf and they investigate. The next day a porpoise named Ammm told Molly her dad's ship was attacked by pirates. A couple of days later the Never Land was also attacked by pirates looking for the trunk. That same day a storm comes and the Never Land sinks. After the storm Peter and Molly meet on an island, then they go looking for the trunk. A little while later the other orphans come ashore with Alf. Then the four orphans, Alf, and Peter a captured by the natives. The natives throw them in a cage with a giant crocodile named Mister Grin. Then Molly comes and rescues them. She does it by flying and giving them some starstuff.  Starstuff is what was in the trunk. When they fly to the beach in the water Slank is fighting mermaids for the trunk. Just as Peter gets the trunk a hundred native surround them. Then the pirates attack and in the end the kids win. Then Molly goes back to England with her dad while the boys stay on the island with the natives.